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How a Digital Marketing Partner Can Help Your Small Business

Posted by Brooke Moody on July 25, 2016 at 11:51 AM

Digital marketing partnerMarketers today have so much on their plate when it comes to marketing technology, regardless of whether they work at a multinational corporation or a small mom-and-pop shop. At big companies, where you would often have an entire marketing department working with you, it's still easy to feel overwhelmed — but when you work at a small or medium business, where you might be the only marketer in the company, where do you even begin? A digital marketing partner may be the best decision you can make for your business.

Multiple Channels Means More to Juggle

The challenges go beyond multitasking. With consumers spending more time on mobile platforms, the ability to track multichannel campaigns has become more difficult due to the lack of tracking cookies on mobile sites. As the Wall Street Journal notes, it's critical to know where and how your marketing data is sourced. If your customers' data is being tracked too invasively, it's easy for consumer trust to break down. And recent data reported by MediaPost reveals that 81 percent of marketers use up to 10 different marketing technology programs or cloud applications. Even big brands can make a misstep in this rapidly changing climate. Hiring a digital marketing partner frees you of the burden of having to worry about all of this on your own. You can be sure that your marketing data is tracked responsibly, and you can spend more time building your business while your trusted partner handles juggling all of your various marketing channels.

No Sign of Slowing Down

The all-too-familiar feeling of being overwhelmed shows no signs of fading. As MediaPost notes, when marketers are overwhelmed by all of the marketing technology out there, they find themselves having to decide where to invest their limited time and resources. Data from the CMO Council reported by MediaPost indicates that only 9 percent of marketers report having a "highly evolved digital marketing model with a proven and clear path of evolution." A digital marketing partner can help you keep track of the seemingly endless number of marketing technologies out there and serve as your digital experts so that you're not always depleting all of your own resources.

A trusted digital marketing partner can help small- to medium-sized businesses not only avoid prospective burnout, but move forward with confidence in the digital arena. Navigating the complexities of the digital world is their business. Delegating tasks that aren't your primary function in business is smart leadership and gets you back to what you do best.

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