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Your Digital Advertising Solution: Cox Connected Video
Learn how you can reach  customers across all devices with Cox Connected Video.


How to Target Your Ideal Customer Online
Learn how to get started finding your ideal audience online to ensure you're not wasting your digital marketing dollars. 

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5 ROI Metrics That Can Determine Marketing Success
Learn what metrics are best for each campaign and set the right benchmarks.


Hispanic Families and QSR: An Increasing Opportunity
How marketers can refine their strategy of boosting QSR business in the Hispanic market. 


How to Rise Above Social Media Mayhem
Learn how your business can take your social media marketing to the next level and stand out amongst the competition.

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Focus on Financial Aid for Students to Improve Your Marketing Strategy 
Learn why offering financial opportunities will help your university stand out from the competition.


7 Reasons Why Content is King
Learn why content is such an important part of your digital marketing strategy.


Top 5 Tips for Local SEO
Learn to boost your local SEO and get highly qualified customers in the door and spending money.


5 Steps to Success With Local Online Video Advertising
Learn the best practices to create engaging online video content.

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Cox OneSearch: Reaching Consumers Every Step of the Way
Learn how you can increase your online presence with Cox OneSearch.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Resources You Need to Know About
Learn about the top digital marketing resources that every marketer needs to thrive.

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Auto Dealer Marketing
Learn how your dealership can see much more success by capitalizing on revenue from repairs and maintenance.


Marketing Psychology: How Human Behavior Affects Your Marketing Strategy
Attract more potential customers with the psychology of persuasion.

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Home Services Marketing Can Boost Your Small Business Above Your Competition
Learn how to leverage digital opportunities to get more leads for your home services business than ever before.

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How to Hire a Lawyer: The Digital Path to Legal Representation 
Learn the best strategies to target legal consumers based on their behavioral trends.


5 Best Practices for Call-to-Action Design
Here's how to take your CTAs to the next level and ensure engagement and a ROI. 


How Retargeting Works, and Why You Need It
Learn why retargeting might be your best secret digital marketing weapon.


How Healthy is Your Online Presence?
Explore the top ways to evaluate and improve your online presence in order to grow your business and reputation.

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Cox Targeted Display eBook
Learn how you can engage your key audience across sites and devices with Cox Targeted Display.

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Turn Your Website Into a Lead-Generating Machine
Use these ten 10 tips to make your website work for you.

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10 Tips for Better Reputation Management
Learn how to effectively manage what shows up online and in search rankings for your business. 


Tips for a Productive Marketing Brainstorm Session
The top tips for successfully developing new marketing ideas. 

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Hispanic Marketing Trends Among Home Renovators Offer a Blueprint to Better Digital Marketing
Learn how to better reach hispanic consumers by changing up your digital marketing strategy.

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Hispanic Banking Trends Offer Blueprint to Connect With Demographic
Learn more about hispanic banking trends and how your bank can build strategies to better reach this audience. 


Seasonal Advertising: How to Run an Effective Campaign
Discover how to craft integrated seasonal advertising campaign that will increase ROI.


How Does Google Search Work?
Learn more about the internet search giant, the technology that drives it, and how to use it.  


Mobile Mania: Why Mobile Advertising is All the Rage
Learn more about why mobile optimization is more important now than ever.


The Changing Face of Facebook Advertising 
Learn how to make the constant evolution of Facebook work for you and how to best leverage this social network.