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How Rich Media Display Ads Increase Engagement Across Audiences

Posted by Love Hudson-Maggio on March 26, 2014 at 7:35 AM

Rich media display ads increase engagementStandard display advertising has been a staple in online marketing for years, but through the addition of rich media display ads, site visitors can become even more engaged in your message. In fact, according to a Conductor study, rich media now appears on search engine results pages (SERPs) 34 percent of the time. The result is largely dependent on the search query used, but Conductor came to this average by combining the numbers for standard SERPs, news results and shopping results.

This means that rich media ads are getting more impressions in search results, but that's not the only impressive thing about them. In fact, the Interactive Advertising Bureau reports that rich media ads perform exceptionally well on mobile devices. Ads featuring rich media had a higher rate of engagement, with 9.3 percent of study participants interacting with rich media ads, as well as higher incidences of brand recall, with participants recalling the subject of rich media ads between 83 and 98.1 percent of the time.

Rich Media Display Ads and Technological Innovation

Simply put, people across all demographics enjoy things that are on the cutting edge. The new technology and the latest trends are what make these ads so engaging. Social media is at the forefront here. In fact, according to a study conducted by Celtra Inc. and reported at Advertising Age, rich media display ads had twice the engagement time, sixteen times the ad-completion rate and three times the video play rate on social sites than they did on non-social sites. Ads with rich media and interactive video consistently see increased engagement levels, especially on those platforms that encourage engagement.

Consumers want to feel as if they are a part of the story and social media has demonstrated this more than anything else. Companies that participate on social media see increased consumer engagement, from simple brand discussion to brand advocacy and customer acquisition. The introduction of rich media into the game goes right along with this notion, especially when you consider that these ad formats can be integrated seamlessly into social media feeds and websites. The ads can easily be viewed on both desktop computers and mobile devices. They offer interaction, and they demand to be noticed.

You wouldn't consider creating a website with static content these days, right? So it only makes sense to embrace the technology available to more fully engage your target audience.

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