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Four Reasons Why Responsive Design Is What Everyone Is Talking About

Posted by Selena Lawson on March 3, 2014 at 11:08 AM

Responsive-Design-SmallAs tablets and smartphones increase in popularity, mobile devices are rivaling traditional desktops in terms of online usage. In fact, Business Insider reports that mobile usage will exceed desktop usage by the end of 2014. The lack of a standard, one-size-fits-all solution has prevented many companies from investing in a website that is optimized for every user experience.

That's why responsive design is all the rage in mobile device optimization. This new design approach provides an across-the-board solution that accommodates any device or functionality. This streamlined approach offers advantages that can improve online traffic, conversions and customer retention. Here are five key reasons that responsive design is the hot topic.

1. The Mobile Market Has Vast Potential

Responsive design allows your desktop website to be presented to smartphone and tablet users in a mobile-friendly format. The Web page becomes touchscreen-friendly, navigation options are pared down and clickable links and other features and enlarged. By building these accommodations into your website, your business can increase focus on the mobile market and invest in an ever-growing population of mobile customers. Sixty percent of U.S. consumers currently own a smartphone, and this already large market will continue to increase.

2. Responsive Functionality Can Improve Your SEO Ranking

Google itself has endorsed responsive design as the best Web design solution for businesses because of one simple reason: Its algorithm rewards websites that have clean coding and promote user engagement. When this design is implemented, Google must index only one version of a company's website instead of multiple versions that cater to different devices. Google also adds rank value based on the site's increased user-friendliness and ease of content-sharing across different platforms. Using this type of design solution should give a boost to your website's SEO rank.

3. Website Management Is Made Easier

If your company has different desktop and mobile versions of its site, the effort needed to maintain your website increases. This creates extra work for your website management and increases the risk of errors. When you use responsive design, updates are applied only to your main site. Changes are easier, and errors will inevitably decline.

4. Your Consumer Base Is Fickle

Online consumers aren't always loyal, and they definitely aren't patient. According to some data-driven insights by Google, consumers will immediately abandon a website that is not mobile-friendly. Google notes that when this happens, there is a 61 percent chance the consumer will leave your website.

When websites go responsive, they're customized to provide the best user experience possible on any device, retain customers and increase the chance for conversion.

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