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Why Businesses Love Video Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

Posted by Chris Finan on July 8, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Why businesses love video marketing.As a marketing form, online video is booming. According to Target Marketing, including a video on your landing page can increase conversion by 80 percent. In fact, many marketers say that video is one of their top marketing considerations for the year.

The more you learn about how consumers engage with video online, the stronger the argument for video marketing becomes. The advantages of video advertising become more obvious as video production tools become cheaper than ever: High-quality cameras are available for a few hundred dollars, and top-notch editing software can sometimes be found for free. Here are some of the top reasons your brand can benefit from video campaigns.

1. Video Engages Consumers in Several Ways

As noted by Forbes, video lends itself to several forms of engagement, some of which are built into our DNA. For example, an instinctive brain function causes humans to pay increased attention to any face. We use other faces as focal points for gathering information and judging the believability of that information.

At the same time, the human mind is naturally engaged by movement of any kind. Humans also have a natural ability for processing rich information relayed through the human voice. Video can easily accommodate all three of these forms of engagement, which could play a significant role in how and why video marketing is so effective.

2. Everyone Watches Video

The demographic audiences that consume video are broad and include everyone from teenagers to retired adults, according to MediaDailyNews. This is because video is accessible and easy to watch. There's no social network to figure out, no accounts to set up, nothing to do except press play and watch. Sometimes you don't even have to press play. You can always target certain demographics to get a better return on your spending, especially if you pay to promote the video. But whatever your audience is, video can help you reach them.

3. Video Offers Good Return on Investment

Businesses concerned about the high cost of video production need to know how those costs can be recovered. To a large extent, this depends on your goals for the video: sales referrals, website referrals, newsletter sign-ups, etc. All of these can be aided by video. The key to getting value from your video is identifying these goals prior to video production and then building your video content around this goal. A call-to-action will produce more direct results, but if your main goal is building brand awareness through a viral product, that's a viable strategy as well.

4. Viral Opportunity Abounds

Like any other piece of content, video is easily shared on social networks, displayed on your website, and even emailed and embedded elsewhere online. Because video engagement levels are so high, users may be more likely to share videos that are interesting or relevant to their lives. The viral opportunity of video is high, and when great content reaches its audience, the returns can be significant.

Video advertising may be intimidating at first, but once you get started, the solid return you will see will quickly allay those earlier fears.

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