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Video Advertising: How YouTube Can Help Small Businesses

Posted by Chris Finan on May 9, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Video Advertising for Small BusinessesIs your business using YouTube to reach local users? If not, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity. Creating video that showcases your brand is a vital part of any integrated digital marketing strategy, and YouTube video advertising gives small businesses the flexibility and utility they need to reach consumers. Consider the following three points:


Though it is easy to think any given video has an equal chance of being seen, the fact is that YouTube is a part of many people's daily routine. As a result, the chance of someone seeing your video when it is hosted on YouTube is much greater than when it is hosted only on a private website. Videos hosted on a business' main website or social media presence will be instantly accessible to those who already know about the business. However, these videos won't be as instantly available to YouTube's one billion unique monthly viewers — any number of which could be potential new customers.

A Game of Demographics

Yahoo! Small Business Insider explains YouTube's insights feature, which is one of the primary reasons that small businesses can benefit from using the service. This feature provides users with extremely helpful information on what demographics are viewing video content and from where. Not only will this help marketers figure out which of their videos are successful, but it can also help marketers refocus their marketing efforts. One video may do well with females who are 18 to 34, and another with males age 25 to 54. Marketers can look at overall trends and focus their marketing efforts and future video content toward the demographic that is most likely to purchase after watching a video.

Another Aspect of Social

As Yahoo! Small Business Insider notes, comments are more valuable than likes. YouTube allows commenting on videos, which offers you another way to interact with your customers. When your content and message are aligned across all platforms as part of your integrated marketing campaign, YouTube can strengthen your message and your overall brand recognition.

The Share Factor

Perhaps the single biggest advantage of hosting a video on YouTube is its intrinsic share-ability. Not only are videos easily posted on social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, but they can be embedded and hosted on a number of websites as well. Marketers who want to form strategic partnerships with local bloggers might ask that one or two well-performing videos from YouTube be embedded on other sites to help bolster visibility. Though rare, videos on YouTube occasionally go viral and spread throughout the Internet at a rapid pace.

YouTube is definitely worth considering, no matter what industry your business falls into or what kind of content you want to feature — how tos, product demonstrations or entertainment. YouTube has the traffic, flexibility and utility to help you make the most of your video advertising campaigns.

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