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Holiday Shopping and the Power of Retargeting

Posted by Love Hudson-Maggio on December 1, 2014 at 11:28 AM

Holiday shopping and retargetingThe holiday shopping season is a crucial time of year for retailers. Many businesses find that the success of their entire fiscal year is determined by the spending that takes place in the last couple of months leading into Christmas.

Since retailers can't afford to leave money on the table during the holidays, many work on strategies to lift holiday site traffic and stickiness. Most online retailers look at their site traffic and quickly realize that a heavy percentage of website shopping doesn't guarantee purchase conversions during the holidays. Understandably, many consumers are casting their nets far and wide as they shop online in search of gifts for loved ones. Saavy retailers devise retargeting strategies that lead to closed sales.

For businesses that haven't engaged in retargeting yet, this marketing strategy can be intimidating. During the holiday shopping season, though, there's almost no better way to recapture traffic and sales you might otherwise lose. Here are some simple tips to bring consumers back to the sale.

 Campaigns Can Cut Through the Fog

Around the holidays, consumers are inundated with shopping, sales, gifts and brands. It's often overwhelming — especially when consumers are searching the Internet for gifts without any particular items in mind.

This is an ideal setting for retargeting. When consumer eyes are going numb with product overload, brands can increase the odds of a sale by employing retargeting across various display networks, social platforms and email. Each time retargeted ads display to consumers, it reminds them of a particular brand or product they've already browsed and considered. But without those ads, the consumer might completely forget about those options.

Retargeting reinforces these offerings in consumers' minds, and it can offer a big advantage over the competition.

Blending Retargeting With Sharing on Facebook

Facebook's platform is unique because it can easily distribute content to a wide audience with a single click. Sharing can effectively serve as a retargeting tool if you have a large base of followers.

Sharing is also free, which makes it a sensible approach for reconnecting with consumers. That sharing functionality should be combined with retargeting across Facebook's massive ad network to reach consumers in multiple ways. Among existing followers, you can strengthen your brand's visibility during a critical shopping season, and do so in an economical way.

Taking Advantage of Twitter's Retargeting Platform

Twitter's retargeting platform is similar to Facebook's. As a newer promotional channel, though, it's affordable to use and should be explored. With Twitter, you can promote tweeted content to a large audience and drive consumers back to your online shopping catalog. On a platform where content can quickly age and disappear, retargeting on Twitter offers important consistency that could revolutionize how the social network drives conversions.

During the holidays, consumers are overwhelmed. Consequently, they're more susceptible to the brands that work the hardest for their business. Retargeting offers great returns at any time of year, but the holidays are when the strategy really works best.


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