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Beating Banner Blindness: How to Keep Your Banner Ads Compelling

Posted by Love Hudson-Maggio on September 12, 2014 at 2:27 PM

Beating banner blindness.Banner ads are one of the oldest and most resilient advertising formats on the internet. Through the years, they've been modernized through powerful display networks and intelligent pricing structures that help advertisers pay a fair market price.

But advertisers must be mindful of banner blindness — the process of consumers getting used to the ads' presence and simply overlooking them when they visit a Web page. Variety is key to keeping consumers actively engaged with ad campaigns.

The best banner ad strategy is one that constantly evolves and surprises the consumer. Here are some practical tips for beating banner blindness.

1. Be Bold With Your Color Scheme

According to MonetizePros, the simplest way to make a banner ad visible is to choose a color scheme that stands out against the design and theme of the page it's displayed on. This is common sense for most marketers, but choosing bold colors isn't where this tactic ends. After an initial surge in grabbing attention, even a bold color scheme will start to fade into the background. Users will get used to this feature, no matter how eye-catching it is, and banner ad engagement will decrease.

The solution: changing the color scheme — and sometimes the overall design — of your banner ad periodically over time. You can even install a rotation of ads so that consumers see something different every time they visit the page. This will slow down the onset of banner blindness, buying you more time to strengthen brand awareness and pursue engagement.

2. Placing Ads on Welcome Pages

Many of online destinations have started selling banner ads that display as a welcome page loaded prior to visiting the intended site or page. The banner ads appear as the only significant feature on the welcome page, with a short message informing visitors that they will be brought to their intended destination in a few seconds.

According to BannerFlow, because the welcome pages automatically redirect, the ads aren't too intrusive for consumers. But they do offer great visibility, and the ads can't be ignored by consumers.

3. Switch Up Ad Placement — and Track Your Results

When it comes to combating banner blindness, creativity can be your best weapon. If you are comfortable with thinking outside of the box, try putting banner ads in locations you haven't tried before. Whether it's in the middle of content or even at the start — or in other locations you haven't seen tried elsewhere — don't be afraid to test out the placement, even on a small scale.

If you do take the adventurous route, make sure you set up analytics to track the success of your banner ads in that new positioning. Whether you discover a hidden gem or find out your experiment didn't pan out, the data you collect will help you make smarter decisions going forward.


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