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Why Local Digital Advertising Matters More Than Ever

Posted by Joseph Naylor on July 1, 2014 at 1:36 PM

Local digital advertising matters more than ever.Just as traditional local advertising helps small businesses establish local visibility and customer loyalty, digital advertising can do the same for today's mobile-savvy customer. Even national brands are changing the way they execute digital marketing campaigns by breaking them down into smaller regional campaigns.

When executed properly, local digital ad campaigns place your brand in front of the content-hungry eyeballs of local customers who are using tablets and smart phones to work, surf the Web and make purchases. Plus, local digital advertising offers the added benefits of valuable consumer demographic data and measurable ROI. However, according to eMarketer's latest report, only 8 percent of marketers are completely satisfied with their local campaigns.

If you're one of those marketers in the 92 percent column, here are some ways to turn up the volume on your local digital marketing campaign.

Streamline Local Digital Ads with Local Paid Search

If you're already conducting a paid search campaign, you have a good idea of the cities and towns in your local area that are responding to your campaigns and driving traffic to your site. Marketing Land published a guide on how to drill down into regional traffic in more detail. These cities and towns should be your first launch sites for local digital ads.

Articulate Your Niche Appeal

The pool of target customers in a local campaign is finite, so understand that you will be facing some stark competition. With this in mind, it's crucial to evaluate and then articulate what makes your business different from your competitors, as Inc. notes. This differentiator will get you noticed in a noisy, crowded space and will also help you define your brand with your customers.

Pay Attention to What Your Target Customers Want

Forbes deconstructed a new research report issued by Google that cites the case study of Extra Space Storage, an SMB that turned to local digital advertising to deliver hyperlocal ads. Extra Space Storage noticed that consumers were using zip codes to search online for nearby storage facilities, as opposed to just keywords. By adding zip code targeting to its campaign, the storage company was able to boost clicks on search ads by 77 percent. Understanding the methods your customers use to find you will help you to tweak campaigns as needed.

Every day, potential customers are looking to their mobile devices to guide them toward local products and services. Using local digital advertising is your best shot at making sure your brand is in the running every time a consumer picks up a tablet or smartphone.

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