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What Is Geo-Conquesting, and How Can It Drive Campaign Results?

Posted by Love Hudson-Maggio on August 13, 2014 at 1:48 PM

What is geo-conquesting?Geo-conquesting is a relatively new idea in mobile advertising that uses location-based mobile advertising (primarily through social media channels) that directs consumers toward a specific business when they are physically in a competitor's location. For instance, if a local coffee shop wants to use this marketing method in their overall marketing scheme, they might target users who are at big coffee chains like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts with timely messages emphasizing local deals, short lines or unique menu items.

How Can Geo-Conquesting Help Me?

With smartphone users pulling out their phones more than 150 times a day (according to a KPCB study reported on by Marketing Land), targeting consumers based on their physical location is an easy way to reach consumers who may be interested in your product or business.

The effects of this type of marketing are two-fold. First, it increases awareness of your brand among consumers who are currently engaged with a similar product near a competitor. This makes geo-conquesting a particularly attractive option for new businesses trying to carve out a space for themselves among established brands.

More importantly, marketers can capitalize on negative aspects of other businesses while consumers are experiencing it. For instance, using the coffee shop example above, a savvy marketer at the local coffee shop who uses geo-conquesting can target users who are currently waiting in line at the major chain with a simple message like "Tired of waiting in line? Try our organic original roast today with no waiting!"

The Importance of Geo-Fencing

The idea of geo-conquesting hinges on the concept of geo-fencing, which involves defining a geographic region which, once entered, will trigger the ad copy to be displayed via a specific app (like a social networking app or Internet browser). A geo-fenced area can be as large as a several-mile radius or as small as a single shop in a shopping mall.

Deciding how small or large your geo-fence should be is quite important, as messages about a coffee shop may not be relevant to those shopping at a toddlers' boutique near the competitor's coffee shop. In this case, a small geo-fenced area makes sense. However, if you are trying to market a restaurant to hungry shoppers at the same shopping center, having a geo-fenced area around the entire shopping center would be perfect.

Though geo-conquesting is a relatively new marketing concept, it can be used to great effect. Targeting consumers where they shop (and in areas where they are likely to be using their mobile devices) allows marketers to engage in physical hypertargeting to improve traffic and results.


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