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Web Design: 3 Mistakes Your Small Business Didn't Know It Was Making

Posted by Selena Lawson on October 10, 2014 at 1:21 PM

Web design mistakesIf you own a small business, you already know how important it is to have an online presence. Not only is strong Web design beneficial for potential customers who want to find out more about your business, but it will also help consumers who haven't driven by your physical location find you via online search results. Simply having a website isn't enough. Small businesses who run their own websites (which represent one-third of the overall market, according to Inc.) may be making some big mistakes that can hamper even the most well-thought-out design. Here are three Web design mistakes you may be making, without even knowing it.

1.No Prominent Call-to-Action

When a user visits a business' website, there are two main intentions behind the action: the informational and the transactional. In both of these cases, not having a prominent call-to-action can severely hamper a user's satisfaction with the website and will definitely reduce conversions. Consumers who are looking for general information about a business will be frustrated by the lack of direction, and those who are looking to make a purchase will likely take their business elsewhere, as the ability to purchase (or at least get more information) isn't prominently displayed. Having a call-to-action that is prominently displayed and easy to find ensures that users visiting your website can easily connect with you.

2. No Social Media Integration

Social media is a vital component of your Web presence, but if it isn't connected to your official website, it doesn't provide as much value as it could. Adding "share" widgets to prominent pages, including a way for Facebook users to add comments via their personal accounts and even featuring a live feed of your company's official Twitter stream are great ways to marry your social media presence and your website. It can also help drive traffic to your site as users share and comment using their preferred social network.

3. No Responsive Design

According to Inc., 60 percent of small business owners do not have a mobile website or do not know if their website is mobile capable. As our world becomes increasingly mobile, with smartphones and tablets eating up larger and larger shares of Web traffic, this can be a real killer. Using responsive Web design ensures that users who look up your business on their mobile devices can consume the information they want on their own schedule and aren't immediately turned off by a website that doesn't work on their mobile devices.

Having an official website is a great start for a small business, but if you are making some of these mistakes, your website may not be working as hard for you as it could be. Making sure your Web design includes a prominent call-to-action, features social media integration and incorporates responsive design will go a long way toward ensuring your business stays on top of its Internet marketing game and reaches as many people as possible.

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