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Using Twitter's New Click-to-Call Button to Drive Consumer Traffic

Posted by Love Hudson-Maggio on April 21, 2014 at 11:33 AM

Twitters' click-to-call presents new opportunities for mobile advertising.Earlier this year, Twitter debuted a new advertising feature aimed squarely at the mobile user: click-to-call. This new and enhanced mobile advertising medium allows users to tap a tweet on their smartphone and connect directly with the business that was featured in the ad, according to Digiday. Though this technology certainly represents a new leap forward in the world of interactive advertising, you'll have to plan your strategy carefully if your business is going to take full advantage of this feature.

Strengthen Your Call-to-Action With Urgency

Twitter can be a tough medium for truly compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) because of its 140-character limit. Add the pressure to make consumers want to take action that moment, and good CTAs become even harder to create. You can entice readers with small, actionable statements that emphasize the immediate benefits of an instant call. For example, a cleaning service could craft a click-to-call advertisement along the lines of "House a mess? Don't have time to clean up? Don't panic! Click now to get our Twitter-exclusive rates!" This CTA both creates urgency and invites Twitter users to be part of an exclusive sale. Restaurants can fill open tables by using the app to promote an instant reservation system. The possibilities for business success are endless and waiting to be seized.

Don't Make Your Tweet All About the Call

Twitter's 140 characters are valuable, and you must be careful that you don't oversell the functionality in their tweets. Using the restaurant example above, a poorly formed tweet might be "Did you know? You can reserve a table at our restaurant right now! Click below for dinner seating tonight!" This tweet has no urgency and doesn't compel readers with any meaningful call-to-action. Instead, the tweet "Hungry? Enjoy steak, seafood and more tonight at our endless buffet. Click below for reservations," creates urgency, and mentions the functionality only at the end of the tweet.

Could a Click-to-Call Button Increase Web Traffic?

The immediate goal of the click-to-call button may be to drive traffic to the phone lines. Another effect of this button could be increased Web traffic from users who see the ad and want to check out the advertised business. Users who see the hypothetical restaurant ad may want to check menu items or prices before calling to make a reservation. In this way, the ad works in dual, complementary ways, which makes it a great value for marketers.

Though this new ad functionality is still in beta testing, small businesses who could benefit from the direct sales approach should seriously consider adding click-to-call tweets to their advertising campaign. It may take some work to craft a urgent message that uses the new feature without overexplaining it in 140 characters. This new tool is a valuable resource that can help capture the elusive and impulsive mobile market.

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