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IP Targeting: The Digital Complement to Your Direct Mail Campaign

Posted by Love Hudson-Maggio on October 2, 2014 at 3:32 PM

IP TargetingIP targeting, which uses a computer's IP address to deliver targeted ads to users, is rapidly becoming the go-to resource for online advertising. eMarketer reports forecast worldwide digital ad spending will reach $137.53 billion this year. This signifies a wonderful opportunity to focus efforts on reaching your target customers while keeping costs low and adopting the latest tools.

The Cookie Crumbles

Cookie-based behavioral targeting has been the cornerstone of digital marketing since the dawn of the Internet. Since 1997, cookies have been placed in users' browsers, and digital marketers have been able to track and review the data collected as users interact with a variety of websites.

Today, online display campaigns are less dependent on just clicks and cookies because we can utilize IP technology to glean the user's true location. So in other words, location is the new real-world cookie.

IP Targeting: The Best of Two Worlds

IP targeting, which is part of geo-location technology, targets users based on geographic location. While you target specific demographics with direct mail ads, IP targeting can deliver targeted digital ads based on a user's IP address. So IP targeting brings the accuracy and effectiveness of your offline direct mail campaign into the digital world by matching IP and real-world addresses. This means your target customers are more likely to be the ones clicking on your ads.

Two-Pronged Approach

A local campaign that uses direct mail and IP targeting together is marrying offline info with publicly available socioeconomic data that helps you target relevant households. The algorithm-based world of digital advertising helps to identify your physical market based on traditional sources so you can overlay IP ranges and precisely focus your online display campaign.

As geo-location technology continues to improve, a two-pronged — offline and online — approach means you can factor in engagement rates and CTR as a measure of campaign success to ensure your message is reaching your intended online audience.


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