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How Reach Extension and Data Feedback Give Display Networks Value

Posted by Love Hudson-Maggio on July 24, 2014 at 3:33 PM

How reach extensions gives display networks value.Online display networks have grown to a massive scale, with many of the top networks appearing to span the entire Internet. Businesses have a number of display networks to choose from when they purchase ad space online, and these major networks have enormous global reach.

The sheer size of these networks may intimidate some businesses, but using them to promote your brand is a smart move. Massive reach extension, versatile campaign types and data-rich analytics feedback all deliver significant value to brands advertising through a display network. Research conducted by Stanford University showed that consumers who viewed display ads were 5 to 25 percent more likely than a control group to enter search queries relevant to the ad campaign. This can mean significant returns on investment (ROI) for brands. Display networks also offer additional advantages such as:

One Massive Network, Primed for Refinement

Display advertising opens marketers up to an enormous pool of consumers. If you're concerned that your target audience is much more specific than the majority of Internet users, you're in luck — this is exactly why display networks are so valuable. Because the potential audience is so large, advertisers can take advantage of this reach extension by implementing a number of refinements in their targeting strategy, notes State of Digital. Brands can use the market research they've collected on their consumers to target only the most relevant Internet users.

So, if your target consumer tends to be a 35- to 44-year-old single female with a college degree, a middle-class individual or an affluent person in northwestern Pennsylvania, you can apply targeting filters so that your ads are displayed only to users with this profile. The greater the reach extension, the greater the opportunities to single out only the most valuable consumers. Better yet, you only have to pay for these high-value prospects, which increases your potential ROI before your ad campaign even begins.

Taking Multiple Cracks at the Same Consumer

Display networks are sophisticated in how they track and analyze Internet users. As users move from one website to the next, their activity is tracked by these massive display networks featured on different websites. As users build up more data regarding their online activity, display ad campaigns get smarter in how they deliver ads to those consumers, thereby delivering better ads.

When one type of ad doesn't work, the ad campaign may elect to show a different type of ad to that consumer. So if a general ad about running shoes doesn't draw any interest from a consumer, an advertisement for an online sale or limited-time promotion might do the trick.

Top-notch Data Feedback

Display networks offer mountains of data-rich feedback — and analytics tools — that tell marketers what facets of a campaign are working. By monitoring this feedback, marketers can tweak campaigns to make them smarter and more efficient, gradually improving campaign returns over time.

When quality ads and targeting are being used, display networks offer incredible value to brands, whether the end goal is simply increased brand awareness or a focus on driving online revenues.

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