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Four Reasons Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs a Human Touch

Posted by Rich Reis on May 15, 2014 at 10:34 AM

Digital Marketing Strategy Needs a Human TouchIf you're using automated digital marketing tools, it may be tempting to "set it and forget it." However, relying on automation tools around-the-clock can be risky.

Before automating a digital marketing campaign, consider all the factors — including the human element — that will make it a success. Here are four aspects of digital marketing that need your attention.

Cultivating and Protecting Brand Personality

Consumers know when brands' messages are being disseminated by committee because they're devoid of any personality. If messages are hard-sell in nature and offer only calls-to-action instead of interaction with consumers, count on them being tuned out by your audience.

Digital marketing campaigns need flexibility and responsiveness. That includes putting a public face on your social media profiles and email campaigns. An actual person with a name and a face is still the best way to represent your brand and engage in conversation. Be sure that the person running your campaigns receives ongoing training and thoroughly understands all the nuances of your brand.

Steering the Ship Through Breaking News

In April 2013, brands that leveraged automated social media tools were exposed when their previously scheduled Twitter and Facebook messages celebrating and promoting the Boston Marathon went out as planned, even after the horrific bombing attack. Audiences called out these companies as insensitive and insulting.

This type of misstep can be as damaging to a brand's reputation as having a rogue staff member posting inappropriate messages. Automated tools still require supervision. Digital marketers must continue to monitor news and events that can impact a campaign so that they can proactively quash anything that might be insensitive or turn an audience off.

Evaluating What's Working and Adjusting on the Fly

Not every idea is going to be a winner; that's just the nature of marketing. That's why prelaunch A/B variable testing and analytics are so vital. Confirming that your video, banner or landing page's look and feel are the right color, voice and tone is a crucial step. Automated A/B testing tools can help, but only humans can interpret the results of these tests and make the necessary changes.

Once the campaign is live, don't forget to watch your analytics. Even the best plan needs the occasional tweak. Make changes in real time to adjust and capitalize on what's working and discontinue what isn't.

Customizing Content to the Channel and Audience

Forrester notes that the explosion of entry points — which include mobile, digital signage, video and social media — requires thoughtful repackaging of messaging for each channel. Don't send the exact message out on multiple platforms or you might be wasting the potential of your message. Repackaging is something only a skilled marketing team can do by evaluating each platform and playing to its strengths.

When executed properly, digital marketing helps nurture prospects by engaging them with highly personalized content that tells a story about your brand. Without a live human at the helm orchestrating the messaging and responding in real time when the conversation needs to change, it can backfire. Digital marketing strategy needs a human touch to drive success. Don't fall asleep at the wheel.

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