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Converting Impressions Online Into Phone Calls to Your Store

Posted by Love Hudson-Maggio on June 23, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Converting impressions online into phone calls to your store.A top challenge facing digital marketers is how to bridge the divide between digital commerce and physical retail. For all the technology and tools used to track, analyze and improve digital commerce, applying those strategies to brick-and-mortar consumerism is a much different issue.

Even so, we're still finding ways to build that bridge. New click-to-call functionality in digital ads is helping convert impressions online into conversions that are made over the phone or in stores. Thanks to this phone integration, digital advertising doesn't just drive in-store purchases; it offers a digitally based venue where those conversions can be tracked and optimized.

AdWords has been championing this click-to-call strategy. They are using call integration with Google display ads and conversion tracking tools that give users a quick-and-easy overview of how display ad impressions are driving business to a physical location. This tracking is easily done through AdWords and allows any business to wield this new tool for its own benefit. Here are three tips to get better results from your click-to-call strategy.

Pushing the Call-to-Action

Generating impressions online is half the battle, but impressions alone won't bring in revenues. To get tangible results, you need consumers to take action, make a call and complete a conversion. Just as with any marketing campaign, a clear call-to-action (CTA) is essential. In some ways, pushing a CTA for phone call campaigns is easier because everyone knows the ultimate goal: to call that company directly through the ad.

As Century Interactive notes, ad copy doesn't need to shy away from this fact of life: Be direct with consumers, and write clear CTAs urging consumers to "Call now" or "Call our offices today." The CTA not only must be direct, but it should be immediately recognizable and drive consumer attentions directly to the phone-call option.

Automating Ad Bidding to Increase Efficiencies

Now that AdWords counts call conversions in its analytics software, companies can target these campaigns directly through a variety of bidding tools. In doing so, you can optimize your bidding strategy over time to reach a more effective cost-per-acquisition.

With optimized bidding, click-to-call campaigns should start to deliver better results and greater returns per-click. Because this strategy can be automated, marketers save time they would normally spend setting these figures themselves.

Refining When Call Conversions Are Targeted

Most brick-and-mortar businesses aren't open 24/7. That can be a problem if you're paying to drive phone calls at 3 in the morning. The timing of your display ads can be customized so that you're only driving online conversions during set periods when someone will be around to answer these calls.

Other customizations can be made to enhance the value of these campaigns. This includes area-code targeting and location-specific criteria to ensure you're only targeting viable prospects.

Perhaps most importantly, the performance of these campaigns will be fully visible through your campaign-tracking tools, which tell you exactly what kind of revenues you're driving through your online impressions. Click-to-call is a digital campaign that can start generating results almost overnight. If you're looking to make waves quickly, it's a campaign worth considering.

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