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Can Traditional Advertising Really Help My Online Presence?

Posted by Selena Lawson on July 3, 2014 at 11:30 AM

Traditional advertising can help online presence.It may be tempting to see online advertising and more traditional forms of advertising, such as TV, radio and print, as opposing forces. However, it's really just the opposite. Evidence is mounting that traditional advertising can actually drive online traffic, and drive consumers further down the purchasing funnel. A study published earlier this year by eMarketer found that "digital and TV ad spending are not significantly cannibalizing each other." The study further noted that "more and more marketers see the different channels as supplementing each other for a well-rounded campaign."

If advertising on other platforms really can help online campaigns, how can businesses use it to drive traffic and search queries? Here are two things to think about when planning a campaign that involves more than one advertising platform.

Drawing a Consumer In

When you are using a platform such as TV or radio to lead a consumer to a website, you should give users just enough information to be interested, but not enough that they feel satisfactorily informed by the advertisement. Drawing them in with small pieces of information and using specific, search-engine-friendly key topics in your ad will encourage consumers to find out more online. A strong SEO strategy is key to ensuring that consumers find you, and not your competitor, in the search engine results. If you are confident in your market position and know what key topics to drop in your advertisements, this type of integrated advertising strategy can pay off big time.

The Importance of a Holistic Campaign

One of the benefits that content marketing has over traditional marketing is that content has a longer shelf life than a 30-second TV or radio spot. Content can be accessed repeatedly by different users. However, a simple piece of content on the Web often lacks the ability to grab attention the way a TV or radio advertisement can. In this way, a holistic campaign that uses more traditional advertising methods to direct users toward content can be extremely effective.

Campaigns that use both traditional and digital — or tradigital as The Business Journals states — components also produce higher levels of engagement among consumers. This can help them keep your brand in their mind as they listen to the radio in the car, watch TV at night and browse the Web on a tablet before bed.

Online campaigns and traditional advertising methods can certainly exist on their own, but using them together to create an all-encompassing campaign is a great way to increase interest in your business and drive search traffic. If a consumer is drawn in by a radio, TV or print ad, and then engages further with a brand through search, marketers will be able to see both short- and long-term positive effects of holistic campaigns.

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