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3 Ways Using Google Analytics Can Help Small Businesses

Posted by Sravani Anumolu on April 14, 2017 at 11:41 AM

If you're a small business taking a DIY approach to your digital presence, Google Analytics is your best friend. Not only is using Google Analytics straightforward, but it offers basic metrics and insights that give shape to your digital success.

For resource-limited organizations, the biggest advantage is its cost. For basic users, Google Analytics is completely free. As your company grows, however, consider investing in Google Analytics Premium, which provides more advanced reporting features. Still, there are ways small businesses can take advantage of the standard version to make better use of this information and increase the value of this free solution. Here are three ways to make your marketing even better by making the most of Google Analytics.

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5 Fails in Your Google Analytics Best Practices

Posted by Sravani Anumolu on March 9, 2017 at 1:12 PM

If you're not up to speed on Google Analytics best practices, even this free tool could still be a waste of your valuable resources. The following mistakes are common among many SMBs, yet are some of the easiest to course correct:

1. You Haven't Set Up A Dashboard

Think of your GA dashboard like the one in your car: It has mission critical information as to how the engine is running. Fortunately, it's also customizable. To get a handle on your web traffic, set up a dashboard that focuses on the data most important to your business. Different businesses will be focused on varying data points, but many opt to include page views, bounce rates and top referring sites at a minimum. Here are some tips from Google on setting up your dashboard.

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